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  1. fourzerotwo: @bkgraham85 I'm your source for any and all #MW3 news, questions, feedback. Let me know if you have any! Thanks!
  2. fourzerotwo: @BurkusCat We will utilize every bit of space available to us for #MW3.
  3. fourzerotwo: @CptNoob Don't believe any rumor. All real #MW3 features and news will come directly from me. If I don't say it, don't believe it.
  4. fourzerotwo: @Obernerd Yes sir, #MW3 is being developed for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.
  5. fourzerotwo: @JamboPugh Yes sir. #MW3 introduces some new tools of warfare as well as bringing back done older favorites along with new features for t
  6. fourzerotwo: @t_pain3 Its the ability for you to have two scopes (close range optic & long range optic) that you can flip up and back on the fly in #M
  7. fourzerotwo: @Razor81_ We're co-developing every aspect of #MW3 along with Sledgehammer. That includes SP, Pec Ops, and multiplayer.
  8. fourzerotwo: @Lesliehockey No date for MP reveal yet, still a lot to cover on Spec Ops and Single player before diving into #MW3 MP
  9. fourzerotwo: @DarkAngelRafael I agree and ensuring that the PS3 version is equal to the Xbox 360 version of #MW3 is very important to us in every way.
  10. fourzerotwo: http://fzt.me/MW3survival Modern Warfare 3's new Spec Ops Survival mode w/ matchmaking, team leaderboards, progressive ranking in #MW3 co
  11. fourzerotwo: @DaCitizen I know to players like you and I who play multiplayer nonstop it seems absurd but to the SP only guys it's a nice transition #
  12. fourzerotwo: @JacobTunks Too early for detailed multiplayer information, we like to get more locked down and finished before we delve into full #MW3 M
  13. fourzerotwo: @SGerwel1985 Glad you're behind it, although being extremely far away from it them is my preferred strategy. Otherwise, #boom #MW3
  14. fourzerotwo: @flipitj Yes sir. Endless rounds with increasingly more difficult enemies with increasingly more challenging tactics and unlockables. #MW
  15. fourzerotwo: @koedyburkel Yes sir, Spec Ops will have its own progressive ranking system allowing you to unlock weapons, gear, killstreaks #MW3 #survi
  16. fourzerotwo: @DomGreenlee We haven't talked about MP details yet, so anything you may have read is just speculation. #MW3
  17. fourzerotwo: http://fzt.me/jm2BgJ Highly detailed analysis of #MW3 reveal trailer by the active & ex-military @OffDutyGamers. Who else caught all that
  18. fourzerotwo: @Cameronc23 Pure speculation and rumor. We haven't even begun talking about Multiplayer for #MW3, not even to press.
  19. fourzerotwo: @sammybarkin Yes sir. It is essential that #MW3 never drops below 60 FPS on any platform, it can go higher of course.
  20. fourzerotwo: @sonico11 Spec Ops in #MW3 is massive containing some of everything, from missions to survival mode using MP locations, SP locations, & m
  21. fourzerotwo: @zJordancook All the details of Elite and how it will be integrated with #MW3 will be coming out shortly.
  22. fourzerotwo: COD ELITE is free, for all players, some paid aspects TBD. Absolutely NO fee to play #MW3 multiplayer. Detailed reveal coming tomorrow AM
  23. fourzerotwo: @deantak Yes sir, all the ELITE details are yours for tomorrow. Just clarifying what I've always said, #MW3 MP is free, due to WSJ articl
  24. fourzerotwo: @satinangora That will not happen. #MW3 multiplayer will remain pure. Details on what the ELITE service offers is coming in the morning.
  25. fourzerotwo: @SkyeZer0 @OneOfSwords Absolutely not. You get the full #MW3 multiplayer as you always have.
  26. fourzerotwo: @DonkyPunchFTW I completely agree. Which is why you will never see that in #MW3.
  27. fourzerotwo: @Korrex No, that is incorrect. #MW3 multiplayer is free to play as always.
  28. fourzerotwo: @zXJoshieeXz No. There is no fee for #MW3
  29. fourzerotwo: http://fzt.me/CODElite Details on the new Call of Duty ELITE service that #MW3 will be utilizing. Stat tracking, groups & more are includ
  30. fourzerotwo: @dscheet Absolutely, this has no impact on your ability to enjoy #MW3 multiplayer the same as you always have.
  31. fourzerotwo: @leadbman There is no charge to play the game, ELITE is an additional service outside the game. #MW3 MP remains free to play.
  32. fourzerotwo: @DiegoCarrera54 There is no monthly fee for #MW3, I think you are confusing the game with the ELITE service outside the game.
  33. fourzerotwo: @leadbman #MW3 will run the same on each platform. That is a core design philosophy for us.
  34. fourzerotwo: @CravaCrave Survival is a new Spec Ops mode in addition to the classic mission based mode that you're familiar with for #MW3.
  35. fourzerotwo: @DoobieWondrSmke I agree however that's not my area. I work on #MW3, just trying to give some clarification where there is none
  36. fourzerotwo: @Outlaw2210 While they both are wave based gametypes, Survival mode Spec Ops in #MW3 brings a lot of new features like progressive rankin
  37. fourzerotwo: @williamson54 The ELITE beta has nothing to do with #MW3 multiplayer. It's a beta for the service, not for our game.
  38. fourzerotwo: @JLawson1795 I'll be your go to guy for any news and questions on #MW3. Let me know if you need anything.
  39. fourzerotwo: @FusionTactics Yes sir. That is essential in every aspect of our development to ensure #MW3 never slips below 60 FPS, but can go above it
  40. fourzerotwo: @iiDatsik That is just the stat tracking aspect of it, a lot more areas as well. Things I look forward to having at our disposal for #MW3
  41. fourzerotwo: @crecenteb There is no Stopping Power period. We also have no such thing as 'team perks'. All other #MW3 MP details remain undisclosed.
  42. fourzerotwo: Lots of false #MW3 info being reported as fact. There is no Stopping Power, OMA, Commando, or Nukes. Beyond that, you’ll have to wait & s
  43. fourzerotwo: @Howeeyyy There is no subscription fee to play #MW3.
  44. fourzerotwo: @SSClan @TheRealZeRoY We have not announced whether Dedicated Servers are or are not in #MW3.
  45. fourzerotwo: @TheRealZeRoY No sir, I'll handle any questions you have regarding #MW3. Guy is the CM for Sledgehammer studio, not the game.
  46. fourzerotwo: Fast-pace, high damage, gun-on-gun gameplay. Put em down quick! Thats what I want in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, what do you want in #M
  47. fourzerotwo: @xXMUFCAARONXx No said it was, in fact, we haven't announced any perks in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, but feedback is wanted. #MW3
  48. fourzerotwo: @JabbaTheSmutt I've got good news for you, we ARE bringing back the original MP5 from COD4, updated visually of course for #MW3.
  49. fourzerotwo: @Sun_Jay_Roy_3 Thanks for the suggestion, I can't confirm what the final weapon list will be but I'll make sure your opinion is known. #M
  50. fourzerotwo: @TheGrix Security is essential to #MW3 and is a top priority to maintain multiplayer as a fair, fun, and secure experience. Lots of focus
  51. fourzerotwo: @Jayyden1 Balancing of explosives in general was a key design point for #MW3. As I said, fast pace gun on gun focus is where its at.
  52. fourzerotwo: @Pud_NZ @H4WKE I know that's an important detail for you to make an informed decision on #MW3 and will get you that info well before rele
  53. fourzerotwo: @PhobicPyro I think you may have misunderstood it. 1) There is no charge to play #MW3 2) Elite is a free service in addition to paid add
  54. fourzerotwo: @PhobicPyro If you decide you don't think its worth the money, then don't buy it. You will still have the same #MW3 gameplay experience.
  55. fourzerotwo: @GreekProdiigy I confirmed earlier that OMA will not be returning. It's far too early to confirm any other #MW3 MP details.
  56. fourzerotwo: @DaankyVids Absolutely not. Everyone who has #MW3 gets the same access to weapons, perks, attachments, etc. ELITE tracks stats and more.
  57. fourzerotwo: @Zifyre It's a new service that is being built for all Call of Duty games, including #MW3. It includes free stat tracking, groups, & more
  58. fourzerotwo: @smashman206 Then I'm sorry, you may be disappointed, because there are no nukes in #MW3.
  59. fourzerotwo: http://fzt.me/E3poll Big week for #MW3 coming with #E3 just around the corner. @VentureBeat is wondering what YOUR most anticipated game
  60. fourzerotwo: @freshboytese26 No killstreaks have been announced for #MW3. Anything you've read online so far is either false or pure speculation.
  61. fourzerotwo: @charlieccc15 Not yet, its still early to dive deep into all the MP details like that. I'll let you know as soon as we can. #MW3
  62. fourzerotwo: @AKidNamedZak No, every #MW3 player has access to the same weapons, perks, equipment. ELITE is a service out of the game.
  63. fourzerotwo: http://fzt.me/ELITEisFREE What COD ELITE offers FREE to all players. My favorite? Adjust custom classes on the fly, from your phone. #MW3
  64. fourzerotwo: @djowatts Absolutely not, you can not buy in-game items. That's not what the service is about. In-game, every #MW3 player is the same.
  65. fourzerotwo: @hXrsmurf Nothing we've announced so far is platform specific, everything applies to all versions of #MW3. PC specific details to come.
  66. fourzerotwo: Finally! #E3 week is here! Lots of Modern Warfare 3 activity, I'll keep tweeting out gameplay footage, news, & links as they happen. #MW3
  67. fourzerotwo: Tune into Spike TV! Were going on now to play through a new level of Modern Warfare 3. Nearly 10 mins of new / raw #MW3 gameplay! #E3
  68. fourzerotwo: Did you miss the live Modern Warfare 3 playthrough we just did at the MS Press Conference at #E3? I'll get it online in full HD soon! #MW
  69. fourzerotwo: Getting prepped to go on air with @g4tv for their #E3 coverage. Thanks for all the comments, keeping me pumped! #MW3 http://t.co/82gD2DT
  70. fourzerotwo: It was awesome being on air and seeing your messages come into the #G4onE3 feed on the wall. Real time feedback! #MW3 http://t.co/37bs38
  71. fourzerotwo: http://fzt.me/MW3onGT - Over 13 minutes of straight up raw Modern Warfare 3 HD gameplay through the streets of Manhattan. #MW3 #E3 #GTE3
  72. fourzerotwo: @luckkyd Always good to see you! It'll be great to finally start sharing those aspects of #MW3 as we get closer to launch.
  73. fourzerotwo: @Concersion I'll be your go to guy with any and all #MW3 feedback (pre and post launch).
  74. fourzerotwo: @xXhydr0 Yes sir. It releases 9 consecutive flashes and bursts. It's currently used by operators and disorients the enemy even more so. #
  75. fourzerotwo: Kicking off Day 1 of #E3 right with a live #MW3 interview with @Machinima_Com at 1pm PT, watch it here: http://t.co/pyY6Toz
  76. fourzerotwo: @Astromono haha. Great to meet you man. I hope to see you at our booth, cone by and get some time playing #MW3 Spec Ops!
  77. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/d54j3uH As requested, I'm running an AMA thread on reddit today. Get answers to any #MW3 questions you had coming out of #E3!
  78. fourzerotwo: @jangosagony Just going down the line, there's a lot of questions. I'll get to them, do not fear. #MW3 #PC #Important
  79. fourzerotwo: @TheTrout91 Thanks for the video and thoughts on #MW3 man.
  80. fourzerotwo: Landed in New York City. Showing #MW3 on Late Night with @JimmyFallon tomorrow night! Check it out, even if just for @SimonPegg's appeara
  81. fourzerotwo: Tune into Late Night with @JimmyFallon tonight! I'm taking #MW3 on there to play some Spec Ops Survival Mode co-op along with @SimonPegg!
  82. fourzerotwo: Thanks for watching! While fun, I plan to do a Spec Ops gameplay video for you to properly show off Survival Mode! More than wave 1! #MW3
  83. fourzerotwo: @koolaid1992 Oh yes. You've got the classics (TDM, S&D, DOM, etc) but we are always play testing all new extremely team oriented #MW3 mod
  84. fourzerotwo: @TehScouzxR Can't confirm or deny that yet. We're still balancing and prioritizing perks and other MP features right now in #MW3.
  85. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/eN8SfvU - Modern Warfare 3's co-op on Late Night. Watch @JimmyFallon / @SimonPegg not pick up the shotgun and get murdered. #
  86. fourzerotwo: @TheFuente Both. You can pick up enemy weapon and ammo as well as buy weapons, attachments, equipment, killstreaks, armor, and more. #MW3
  87. fourzerotwo: @AANino23 Already planned. I want to do a raw gameplay video of me showing off the waves, killstreaks, and details of spec ops in #MW3.
  88. fourzerotwo: @Jesse_Toy No. How you unlock weapons, attachments, and other unlocks in #MW3 is unique.
  89. fourzerotwo: @BHCMax I'm in complete agreement, and will try to get you #MW3 #PC specific details as soon as I can.
  90. fourzerotwo: @BHCMax At a glance faction and threat identifiers are essential in our character design for #MW3.
  91. fourzerotwo: @BHCMax This intrigues me too. I think you guys will have a fun time with #MW3, thats all I'm doing to say.
  92. fourzerotwo: @BHCMax I agree, he did an amazing job on MW2 but we haven't announced our composer for #MW3 yet. I'll let you know when we do.
  93. fourzerotwo: @james19861986 We have a unique system in #MW3 for unlocking.
  94. fourzerotwo: @TeH_EMaN No feature in #MW3 requires you to have ELITE.
  95. fourzerotwo: @soccermatt12377 I answer all the questions I can't. Sorry if I missed some of yours, clearly answered 100s of other #MW3 ones.
  96. fourzerotwo: @PSN_SMOGGIE There is no commando in #MW3
  97. fourzerotwo: @GeTPwNeDBrO It has a lot of new equipment, but will also be bringing back favorites from previous games. Great objective additions. #MW3
  98. fourzerotwo: @charlieINTELcom There will be plenty of all that. It's a multi-day event dedicated solely to getting everything you need to know about #
  99. fourzerotwo: If you're anticipating the #MW3 Spec Ops Survival Mode trailer we've been working on, I just reviewed and sent final edits back to the te
  100. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/Ykkicho - Call of Duty XP tickets go live in under 30 mins! Keep refreshing that window around 10am PT to secure yours! #MW3
  101. fourzerotwo: Look into Day 2 in Germany. Setting up for another round of interviews and #MW3 demos. http://t.co/8dcjp72
  102. fourzerotwo: First look at the #MW3 Hardened Edition, literally on the factory line. Details on it coming at Call of Duty XP! http://t.co/TxNKJ9e
  103. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/lQQbgE5 This is how all #MW3 press should be conducted! On a game show. With a pink bike horn. In Dutch. Thanks @PowerUnlimit
  104. fourzerotwo: @johnsmyth82 I do agree, and I'm a huge fan of Zombies, but we don't have any in #MW3. We do have an awesome Spec Ops mode though!
  105. fourzerotwo: @DiRizz Yes, but we have done this in a way that is different from what you're describing, thanks to a new weapon focused feature in #MW3
  106. fourzerotwo: @RED4424 There is no stopping power perk in #MW3, more gun damage overall and less explosive damage overall.
  107. fourzerotwo: @kirbyCoD4 Which? I've done 140 interviews in the last month. What topic are you looking for info on regarding #MW3?
  108. fourzerotwo: @Jayyden1 Yes, there are many explosive deterrents in many forms in #MW3, plus we've lowered explosive damage overall. More gun on gun.
  109. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/o2gwofx - First footage of the new co-op Survival Mode in Modern Warfare 3 in HD. #MW3
  110. fourzerotwo: @TTG_Skooshbag No sir, MP has a completely unique unlock and rank system. No currency in Multiplayer. #MW3
  111. fourzerotwo: @Mikey4800 There's no dive to prone in #MW3 but I can't talk about MP specifics yet, but there are new modes.
  112. fourzerotwo: Yes! Modern Warfare 3 on PC will support dedicated servers, day 1. You can fav or admin your own to control setup, rules, bans. #MW3 #PC
  113. fourzerotwo: @MarkoM_ I don't have any time frame for the next footage, but there is absolutely not any Last Stand or Second Chance perks in #MW3 MP.
  114. fourzerotwo: @Newlove90 Nope. No MP details coming until Call of Duty XP on Sept 2nd and 3rd. Then there will be no MP secrets! #MW3
  115. fourzerotwo: @Velvoh We'll be broadcasting out everything, so anyone will be able to participate in the news and announcements of CODXP. #MW3
  116. fourzerotwo: @H4WKE Lets grab a drink next week during XP and celebrate our victory! You down? #MW3 #PC #DEDI #FINALLY
  117. fourzerotwo: @iiGoDofCoDxx Everything! I'll dive deep into all the new features, additions, and most importantly feedback from Modern Warfare 2. #MW3
  118. fourzerotwo: @4Mori_RaBBiT @h4wke PC Mod tools have been discussed among the team here and its something we'd like to see for #MW3. No confirmation ye
  119. fourzerotwo: @livefire89 With Call of Duty Elite you're going to get a massive amount of in depth stats and all the tracking you could want. #MW3
  120. fourzerotwo: @Maximum0vrdrive Yes sir. Getting to the gameplay is the most important thing to us. No wants logos, we want to play the game. #MW3
  121. fourzerotwo: @GomLNooBz I'll reveal all those #MW3 MP details at Call of Duty XP on Sept 2nd and 3rd.
  122. fourzerotwo: @joelmcpole Yes, this is correct. @Treyarch is handling the Wii version of Modern Warfare 3. #MW3
  123. fourzerotwo: @Rookie385 We haven't even begun discussing DLC for #MW3. We're focused on finishing the full game, regardless that's not our decision.
  124. fourzerotwo: @Ollie_St Stream should kick of with the keynote Friday morning at 11am. Thats when I dive into all the #MW3 MP details I've been dying t
  125. fourzerotwo: @ETPC1 I've been working on that goal for a long time. Dedicated Servers, Public Server Files, & giving control back to the player. #MW3
  126. fourzerotwo: RT @myfoxla: Going to the #CallofDuty XP event Friday & Saturday for #MW3 ? @ us, share your pics, we may put 'em on air! @fourzerotwo h
  127. fourzerotwo: The first #MW3 multiplayer trailer! I'll reveal in detail exactly how this all works / balanced during COD #XP2011 http://t.co/YCsza0K
  128. fourzerotwo: @Locster60 No zombies in #MW3 although we do have a very different style of co-op in our new infinite wave based Spec Ops Survival mode.
  129. fourzerotwo: @Mega_Bites Great to hear you're looking forward to #MW3!
  130. fourzerotwo: @DannyTowes Yes, Headquarters is still in #MW3
  131. fourzerotwo: @IrishGamer92 Yes. We've included and improved on theater mode for #MW3
  132. fourzerotwo: Lots of competitive questions from #XP2011. Yes, #MW3 has LAN along with detailed class restriction control + default class creation opti
  133. fourzerotwo: @lookitsmp And all users shouldn't lose a feature because one portion doesn't like it. #MW3 is about giving you options, not removing the
  134. fourzerotwo: @ADefectiveCode That's correct. The Hardened Edition of #MW3 comes with a full year of the premium ELITE which includes all DLC.
  135. fourzerotwo: @Dendari92 Yes, #MW3 on PC will use VAC in addition to anti-cheat measures we've taken. Yes it has Dedi support, yes it is optimized bett
  136. fourzerotwo: @xPBMxRonBurgndy @haixham Actually I'm saying no. Russia is the main threat in #MW3, although I wouldn't classify it as Russia as a whole
  137. fourzerotwo: @skar I can confirm it, #MW3 does have online splitscreen multiplayer. Your wife will be very happy.
  138. fourzerotwo: @cbsydney Yes sir, although its a bit more intimate of a setting than #XP2011, I've got a venue here with some #MW3 MP set up to play.
  139. fourzerotwo: @Wigliano Yes it will, we made some optimizations for it as well for #MW3 and Elite.
  140. fourzerotwo: Spending some days in Sydney, Australia hanging out with community members & Press that are down under & playing #MW3! http://t.co/4hQdEy
  141. fourzerotwo: @whipidhinio The Hardened Edition of #MW3 will be the only collectors edition available this year.
  142. fourzerotwo: @ptokilla1 Yes sir. Its the #MW3 world tour, spending some intimate time with press, select community members, and fans.
  143. fourzerotwo: @HilaryBolls Not long after, we did post launch support for #MW2 and then started pre-production early for #MW3. Two years total by the e
  144. fourzerotwo: @Paajnac There is no Prestige Edition, only a Hardened Edition for #MW3.
  145. fourzerotwo: @Ibn_Elmeedan Yes, there are the classic style missions in Spec Ops in #MW3 in addition to the all-new Survival mode. Life is crazy good.
  146. fourzerotwo: @scribblezmesick Yes, the ACR 6.8 is one of my favorite guns in #MW3 and COD XP was amazing.
  147. fourzerotwo: @Dibola just looking to give control back to the #MW3 PC players based on feedback from MW2. Doing the job you expect me to do.
  148. fourzerotwo: @aronh17 Yes, we have theater mode in #MW3 in public and private matches with lots of optimizations to it.
  149. fourzerotwo: @BIG_IBOSS We have 16 multiplayer maps on the disc for #MW3 and every single one of them is also playable in Spec Ops Survival Mode.
  150. fourzerotwo: @Jaimzterr We did, its called Infection and you can fully customize the rules. 1 player on one side, everyone on the other. #MW3 #Custom
  151. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/DQHkAEwi Interview with @MCVonline about our post-launch support plans for #MW3 including how YOUR custom modes will impact i
  152. fourzerotwo: @kryptikspaniard Yes sir. Its awesome for giving you those precious extra seconds to finish a bomb plant or cap a dom point. #MW3
  153. fourzerotwo: @ShaAchilleas There is no game ending Nuke in #MW3.
  154. fourzerotwo: @GamerOfFreedom I hope that one day I can post that tweet too! I'd love to see what you guys could do with MW3. #MW3 #PC
  155. fourzerotwo: Day 1 of #MW3 press in Italy. Was just asked on radio: "What's your favorite cussword when playing?". Gave no comment, but it's "shit fuc
  156. fourzerotwo: @FLCBadKid Yes, If using the Assault or Specialist Strike Package. It doesn't reset if you're using the Support strike package. #MW3
  157. fourzerotwo: @bigcodfan28 Premium @CallofDutyElite membership gives you access to all DLC for #MW3. However we don't plan DLC until games finished.
  158. fourzerotwo: @allSTATE2x Theres lots of awesome camos, and of course you've got to unlock something when you max out the rank of a weapon! ;) #MW3
  159. fourzerotwo: @FirasAltaroty Survival Mode and Mission mode in Spec Ops co-op is designed entirely around 2-player teams or you can play solo. #MW3
  160. fourzerotwo: @ShaAchilleas Includes all #MW3 DLC through 1-year of Elite Premium Membership, hardened case, a collectors bound-book, avatar item +more
  161. fourzerotwo: Dinner w/ @majus8 @BlackHawkLex & members of our German #MW3 community from www.callofdutyseries.de http://t.co/Loh39Kzt
  162. fourzerotwo: @dennisnijdam I'm flying in to bring #MW3 to @firstlook2011 event! (among other things)
  163. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/PnYaJKaV Looks like our friends over @IGN are holding a sweepstakes to win one of the limited edition #MW3 Xbox 360's bundles
  164. fourzerotwo: @DennisDouadi I spend most of my time at the #MW3 booth doing interviews and meeting people @firstlook2011 - stop by tomorrow!
  165. fourzerotwo: @Dave_Yog_Naught You can still pre-order #MW3, I think its only the Hardened Edition that might be sold out. Should ask your local retail
  166. fourzerotwo: @iLiam2000 yes but explosives do a lot less damage in #MW3, plus there is new equipment (Trophy System) to combat them as well.
  167. fourzerotwo: @MindOfAGinger Polish, balancing, and pushing to the finish line for #MW3.
  168. fourzerotwo: @bigcodfan28 The Hardened Edition was the limited edition version of #MW3, which means we only make a small number of copies.
  169. fourzerotwo: @Sacha_MW3 Outside of #MW3, I'm most looking forward to Batman: Arkham City (@@arkhamcitynews). Definitely my GOTY!
  170. fourzerotwo: @GBP97 Yes, a premium membership to Call of Duty: Elite includes all DLC we release for #MW3.
  171. fourzerotwo: @kingmuzza1991 The ability to turn on Double XP for yourself, for a limited time, is a reward you can spend your Prestige point on. #MW3
  172. fourzerotwo: @jt2763 No Dolphin Diving, but there is theater mode in #MW3 - with enhancements (mostly how it runs so that it doesn't impact framerate)
  173. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/ugsDoV5T - Check out the all new single-player trailer for #MW3. Redemption.
  174. fourzerotwo: @GezHyland Yes sir. You can level up every weapon individually, max ranking a weapon unlocks you the gold version. #MW3
  175. fourzerotwo: @LukeRoberts26 Not saying. Thats one thing I'm keeping under wraps until the game ships. #MW3
  176. fourzerotwo: @ZywyPL Yes sir. Barebones is one of the specialty playlists in #MW3
  177. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/SP6xiOFB - A behind the scenes look at Strike Packages in Modern Warfare 3. #MW3
  178. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/qsHQtAvs - Planning to pick up Modern Warfare 3 on PC? Here is all the exclusive PC details including #MW3 Min Spec!
  179. fourzerotwo: To clarify Unranked Dedicated Servers on PC. Admin has full control of unlocks. Can unlock all or fully customize whats unlocked in #MW3
  180. fourzerotwo: @MariaAguilar Yes, you will. #MW3 has online splitscreen for multiplayer.
  181. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/1uZ24O6h - The official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Launch Trailer is here! Just counting the days till release! #MW3
  182. fourzerotwo: @zWinnerMichaelz Yes, if you're prestiging in #MW3 - you only get 1 token Max for previous games though.
  183. fourzerotwo: @JesseFielder but that's only for previous games. You get it instantly upon prestiging in #MW3
  184. fourzerotwo: @Tyl3r_M Yes, you can play #MW3 multiplayer online in split-screen.
  185. fourzerotwo: @OGKTOM Nope. You can get max 4 tokens (if you prestige in all previous CODs) and 1 prestige token for every prestige level in #MW3.
  186. fourzerotwo: @BlakeBundy1995 You get 1 Token for every prestige in #MW3, you also get 1 token max per previous game if you've prestiged at least once.
  187. fourzerotwo: @MasterWR @DavidVonderhaar Yes sir. If you've already hit prestige in all previous games since COD4, then you'll have 4 tokens in #MW3
  188. fourzerotwo: @kdaddyYM There is no cut off, you can go back and earn it at any time and unlock it in #MW3.
  189. fourzerotwo: @Alex_Blackstar Yes, #MW3 online multiplayer will have splitscreen available.
  190. fourzerotwo: I'm going to be playing #MW3 live with the @IGN crew from noon to 4pm today! Watch the live stream and tweet @IGN with #MW3 to win prizes
  191. fourzerotwo: We're streaming #MW3 live @IGN right now! I'm going to come crashing through the wall in 5-mins to take over this show! http://t.co/Z59pv
  192. fourzerotwo: @djdurkin If you prestiged in Black Ops at least once, or any other previous Call Of Duty, you get 1 Prestige Token for that game in #MW3
  193. fourzerotwo: @cdh108 If you want extra custom classes, you have to spend your prestige token to get them. You can buy up to 10 max. #MW3
  194. fourzerotwo: @MarkAnderson10 No, not everything in MP is in Spec Ops Survival, and vice versa. There are things in Spec Ops Survival not in MP. #MW3
  195. fourzerotwo: @kidtheesir There are 16 Spec Ops Missions and 16 Spec Ops Survival Maps in #MW3.
  196. fourzerotwo: @TheRealJoePat No, you get 1 token max for each game you've prestiged in and 1 token for every prestige in #MW3.
  197. fourzerotwo: Jumping on #MW3 for a live stream! Have any questions before launch? Send to @gamespot & @fourzerotwo & watch live now! http://t.co/Mm7Uy
  198. fourzerotwo: Lots of #MW3 spoilers posted online. For the intended pure experience, I encourage you to play it yourself with full context and emotion.
  199. fourzerotwo: No plans to ban legit fans, but try to wait til midnight launch on Tuesday to play #MW3. Can't wait to jump online with everyone then!
  200. fourzerotwo: Playing #MW3 with @kristina2000 @ashlangorse for @Enews! Their maniacal laughter after shooting each dude in the face is creeping' me out
  201. fourzerotwo: @SoggyJaffaCake Yes, the Type 95 is very similar to the Famas. #MW3
  202. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/y9FRa3vr - The official HD live action Modern Warfare 3 trailer: The Vet and The n00b. #MW3
  203. fourzerotwo: Pick up phone, call work, and repeat after me: "Hello, this is (your name here), I have the shits. I will not be at work tomorrow." #MW3
  204. fourzerotwo: @M88ESIr Yes. It will earn you 1 prestige token in #MW3, regardless of how many times or when you prestiged in Black Ops.
  205. fourzerotwo: For status info, questions, or feedback on the Call of Duty ELITE service, follow @CallOfDutyElite (All other #MW3 tweets to @fourzerotwo
  206. fourzerotwo: 1st round of #MW3 bans going out. Any player attempting to play unfairly or boost rank will be banned from leaderboards and from playing.
  207. fourzerotwo: @sroeland Interesting. I'll see if there anything particular to #MW3 that could be causing it and let you know if I find anything.
  208. fourzerotwo: @OneOfSwords @Dodgerblue8188 You can prestige at any time, even after the launch of #MW3, & still receive your token. Takes 24hr+ to upda
  209. fourzerotwo: Thanks for all the awesome messages about #MW3. Remember, if you run into ANY problems online, tweet me. Include #Xbox360 #PS3 or #PC in
  210. fourzerotwo: Modern Warfare 3 players on PS3 should have noticed an update today. Should address any "Out of Memory 14" errors you may have seen. #MW3
  211. fourzerotwo: We have several other #MW3 updates we're currently preparing, including SD video uploads, general matchmaking & connectivity improvements
  212. fourzerotwo: @ThiiWolqz I don't believe so. #MW3 utilizes a lot of streaming to deliver the visual and audio fidelity that we're able to on consoles.
  213. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/1BfpNJUE - Experiencing long wait times or inability to find games when matchmaking in #MW3? Help me, help you. #feedback
  214. fourzerotwo: A title update is going live for #MW3 on Xbox 360 right now. Includes improvements to matchmaking & fix for video uploads on SD TVs.
  215. fourzerotwo: Any attempt to cheat, hack, or glitch in #MW3 will not be tolerated. 1600+ bans issued. Updates in works. Please cont. to report offender
  216. fourzerotwo: @zzPikachu Reporting them in-game through #MW3 goes directly to our security team who issues the bans directly (after verifying).
  217. fourzerotwo: @Helacopters It takes time to update on the servers and propagate to #MW3. It doesn't happen instantly.
  218. fourzerotwo: Spending a good chunk of my Sunday at @CityWalkLA with my buddy @JayMewes playing #MW3, come hang out and play too! - http://t.co/2CNeXg5
  219. fourzerotwo: @MsLauraAless It's only a matter of time before they're banned, it's a process but we have an entire team dedicated to it. #MW3 #justice
  220. fourzerotwo: Early morning #MW3 update meetings, lots of important stuff. I'll keep you posted once we wrap. Main priority: Address laggy connections.
  221. fourzerotwo: Our #MW3 PC players should have noticed an update today. It was to address the Stealth Bomber exploit. The skies should be bit clearer no
  222. fourzerotwo: Lots of #MW3 updates planned this week. We'll be addressing "laggy" games, stat loss prevention, & more. Pushing for pre-Holiday release!
  223. fourzerotwo: Thanks for all the reports of Speed / Slo-mo lobbies, with your help, we found & addressed in under 12 hours! Keep reporting #MW3 feedbac
  224. fourzerotwo: RT @CallOfDutyElite: The official ELITE trailer is here. How many gamers will be joining you in your #MW3 Clan? http://t.co/OhRBvcs5
  225. fourzerotwo: @CobleyMark Of course we are. Be sure to read my past tweets to see updates I post about that are in the works and releasing. #MW3
  226. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/axbF6jA9 - A list of all the updates we've made to #MW3 since launch as well as what is currently being worked on by the team
  227. fourzerotwo: Everytime a booster we derank in #MW3 complains on Twitter, a coder gets his wings. Imagine what they get when a banned player complains.
  228. fourzerotwo: Wish us luck. #MW3 is up for Best Shooter on @SPIKE_TV #VGA - let me know if you're watching!
  229. fourzerotwo: Lots of #MW3 updates hitting tonight. Including Dome exploit fixes, Type 95, FMG9 rebalance & more. Full details here: http://t.co/axbF6j
  230. fourzerotwo: Finalizing the last set of #MW3 updates before the Holiday break. We plan to get out a Lag Compensation update & introduce Hardcore Ricoc
  231. fourzerotwo: Great news #MW3 PS3 players! We have an update that improves voice quality on PS3. Bad news is, it won't make it through cert until Jan.
  232. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/fqO0tmpv #MW3 Player Banned for 5000 days?! Yes. If you see this message, it means you've been Permabanned (for something bad
  233. fourzerotwo: @MEvans_Almighty The Astro A40's from @AstroGaming or the #MW3 Earforce Delta's from @Turtlebeach (depending on your style).
  234. fourzerotwo: Pushing out another #MW3 hot fix, hopefully tonight, possibly tomorrow. Fixes hitmarker sounds on PS3 also Semtex+Juggernaut rebalance.
  235. fourzerotwo: @WillStrohl I'm not Customer Service, but perhaps I can help. What problem are you having? Is it #MW3 or @CallofdutyElite related?
  236. fourzerotwo: Ready for new game modes for Modern Warfare 3? I've got some surprises for you for the weekend. I'll confirm full details tomorrow! #MW3
  237. fourzerotwo: #MW3 players will also notice a title update tomorrow morning when they connect. This will address "Host Disadvantage" / "Lag Compensatio
  238. fourzerotwo: http://t.co/WNPzyWnr - Adding new public playlists to Modern Warfare 3 tomorrow! DROP ZONE, Hardcore HQ, & Ricochet variants inbound. #M
  239. fourzerotwo: The #MW3 playlist update is being pushed live on all platforms in the next 10 mins. Full Details on changes: http://t.co/WNPzyWnr
  240. fourzerotwo: @BuffaloBooker The official #MW3 page is http://t.co/tjNdWUwp
  241. fourzerotwo: Pushed a playlist update today. Should improve #MW3 matchmaking for players in remote regions. Have feedback? Reply to: http://t.co/eH1oa
  242. fourzerotwo: Exclusive sneak peek at 'Park' - some of the first #MW3 DLC hitting Jan 24th for Elite subscribers! More info in Jan! http://t.co/CJQcNnd
  243. fourzerotwo: @yoyoyo12356 I work on #MW3 not Elite. You'll want to talk to the Beachhead team about clan operations. They're at @CallOfDutyElite
  244. fourzerotwo: @133pierce Thats not a fair representation of the updates to #MW3. You can keep track of all past and future updates: http://t.co/axbF6jA
  245. fourzerotwo: Pushed another #MW3 update for users in remote regions around 2 AM, based on feedback. Let us know how we're doing! Have a Happy Holidays
  246. fourzerotwo: In addition to this, there are a number of #MW3 theater upgrades and improvements lined up for Jan! Including HD uploads on @PlayStation
  247. fourzerotwo: Was alerted to a YouTube backend change that has caused issues with #MW3 theater renders / uploads. We're working to address. #happyholid
  248. fourzerotwo: Day after xmas. Shit ton of fresh #MW3 players. Go forth & teach them the ways, and by "teach" I mean shoot & by "ways" I mean in the fac
  249. fourzerotwo: @diablohomods @KLAYM0RZ We have a lot of theater improvements and fixes coming in Jan, once we're able to release more updates. #MW3
  250. fourzerotwo: Congrats @Reb3lx! You just scored the first #MW3 swag pack, check your DMs! I'll do 7 more days of giveaways, next one is tomorrow mornin