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  1. Microsoft Renews 'Killer Instinct' Trademark
  2. 'FirePro Wrestling' Body Slams XBLA
  3. Doctors Ray And Greg Are Retiring From BioWare
  4. What's This Mysterious 'Call of Duty' Video All About?
  5. 2-Way TV Comes To Your Xbox 360 With Kinect
  6. Nintendo Reveals Details On Wii U's Web Browser
  7. New Game Releases For The Week of 9/18: Nothin' Wrong With A Little Punch and Grind
  8. Blu-ray Review: The Midnight Channel Comes To Life In 'Persona 4: The Animation'
  9. Oddjob, You Sneaky Son Of A Gun - 'Goldfinger' Joins The '007 Legends' Lineup
  10. ZombiU Lets You Kill Your Friends And Loot Their Gear
  11. New 'Dead Island: Riptide' Trailer Promises the Crappiest Romantic Getaway
  12. Banana Men And Bullets In U4iA's 'Offensive Combat' (Hands-on Preview)
  13. 'Rayman Jungle Run' Hits iPhone Today, Android Tomorrow
  14. Ninja Surprise: Inafune's 'Yaiba' Actually 'Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z'
  15. Free Music For Dungeon Crawling: Runic Giving Away the 'Torchlight II' Soundtrack
  16. Light Gun Shooter 'Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles' Soundtrack On the Way in October
  17. Microsoft Hires CBS Executive To Create Exclusive Xbox Programming
  18. Nintendo Download Weekly Update 9.20.12
  19. Borderlands 2 Review- Gimme, Gimme, Gimme All the Guns!
  20. Sora and Riku in HD: Square Enix Announces 'Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix' For the PS3
  21. 'Tekken Tag Tournament 2' Getting Characters, Stages in October Patch
  22. I Now Rock a Utility Belt and Other Stuff That Came in the Mail
  23. 'Sleeping Dogs' Bites Back With DLC in October
  24. Hardware Review: Game Video Capture With Ease Using the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition
  25. 'Medal of Honor: Warfighter' Multiplayer Beta Lands In October!
  26. 'Tokyo Jungle' Review - Surviving In Shibuya
  27. Volante Design Creates Amazing 'Assassin's Creed' Jackets
  28. A Full Expansion and Free Updates on the Way to 'Dragon's Dogma'
  29. The Classics, Remasterd: 'Midway Arcade Origins' On the Way in November
  30. Weekend Discussion: Bring These Fighters Back
  31. Stab Your Friends in the Back with 'Assassin's Creed 3's' Multiplayer
  32. Fighting History in a Box: The 'Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection' In Pictures
  33. This is What 'Kingdom Hearts' Looks Like in HD
  34. Nintendo Confirms Wii U Region Locks
  35. Review: 'Double Dragon: Neon' Is A Nostalgic Kick in the Head
  36. 'Kirby's Dream Collection' Review - Inhaling 20 Years Of Kirby
  37. 'Bayonetta 2' Would Not Exist Without Nintendo
  38. This NES Light Gun Laser Will Melt Your Face!
  39. Warner Bros. and Kabam Going Back to Middle-earth With Strategy Games Based on 'The Hobbit' Movies
  40. New Game Releases for the Week of 9/25: Dead, Alive, in Hell and Full of Pandaria-monium in Tokyo
  41. Get a Clue: The Soundtrack for PSN Mystery Game 'Datura' Free Today
  42. 3D Realms Is Back, Wants Help Funding Their Next FPS
  43. 'Spy Hunter' Movie Nabs 'Zombieland' Director Ruben Fleischer
  44. Grand Theft Auto III Hits PSN as PlayStation 2 Classic Today!
  45. 'Mass Effect Trilogy' Coming This November, Brings First Game to the PS3
  46. The 'Angry Birds Trilogy' Has Landed On Xbox 360, PS3 and 3DS
  47. Nintendo Confirms 23 Day-One Wii U Launch Titles!
  48. Arkane's 'Dishonored' Tells 'The Tales of Dunwall' In These Prequel Webisodes
  49. Batman and Wonder Woman Can Battle on Your Desk With the 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' Special Edition
  50. The Zombies Are Headed to Nuketown in 'Black Ops 2'
  51. Play The Word With Friends Celebrity Challenge To Help Raise Money For Charity!
  52. 'Forza Horizon' Season Pass Revealed, One-Time Fee For All DLC!
  53. Ezio, the Greatest Assassin, Gets a PS3 Exclusive Trilogy Disc
  54. Review: 'Dead or Alive 5' - Still Kickin'
  55. Record Setting Gamer Hit 'Borderlands 2' Level Cap in 43 Hours!
  56. You Can Control Netflix On PS3 With Apple and Android Devices!
  57. Nintendo Download Weekly Update 9.27.12
  58. 'La-Mulana' Review - One Final Adventure On The Wii
  59. This Final 'Dishonored' Video Takes You 'In the Mind of Madness'
  60. Zynga Invites You to Grow Wild with Your Friends in New Trailer
  61. Hardware Review: Bassing Out With the PS3 Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset
  62. 'MechWarrior: Tactical Command' Stomps Onto the iPad
  63. Reminder: 'Darksiders II' Plays A Little Differently on the Wii U (Plus Screens)
  64. 'DayZ' Creator: Standalone Alpha Out This Year to Beat Copycats
  65. Weekend Discussion: What Was Your Impressive/Insane Gamer Moment?
  66. Konami's Gamers Night 2012: Look for a 'Silent Hill: Book of Memories' Demo Next Week
  67. Konami's Gamers Night 2012: Konami Announces Limited Editions for 'ZOE HD' and 'MGS: Revengance'
  68. Wii U: Reggie Fils-Aime Teases "fantasic projects" from Miyamoto and Retro Studios
  69. Major League Gaming Reveals Pre-Release Halo 4 Tournament!
  70. Microsoft Reveals MyAchievements Xbox Live Gamerscore Rewards Program
  71. Switch Up From the Isometric: SEGA Teases Mobile 'Zaxxon Escape'
  72. Valve Says A Third 'Left 4 Dead' Could Be 'Down the Road'
  73. 'Karateka' Remake Looks Pretty, Punchy
  74. Gameloft Introduces Dual Analog Controller For iPad, iPhone
  75. Weapons Upgrade: 'Halo 4' Promethean Weapons Revealed
  76. Uncle of the Year Built This Steampunk NES For His Nephew!
  77. 'Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit' Review - To The Depths Of Hell And Back
  78. Cover Art Leak Confirms 'Star Wars: First Assault' For Xbox Live Arcade!
  79. Mountain Dew and Doritos Offer Double XP to 'Halo 4' Players!
  80. Namco Bandai Wants Your Opinion For The New Pac-Man Game!
  81. 'Donkey Kong: Original Edition' Is Free With Select eShop Games!
  82. 'Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins' Review - The Super Heroes Are At It Again
  83. 'Journey' Art Director Discusses The 'Art Of Journey' And Makes A Case For Games As Art
  84. Sartorial Combat: 'Dead or Alive 5' Gets a Free Costume Pack Today
  85. Be Afraid of What Lurks 'Around Every Corner' In This 'Walking Dead' Episode 4 Trailer
  86. New Game Releases for the Week of 10/2: Resident Eh, Also Basketball Happens
  87. Simon Pegg Blesses 'Left 4 Dead' Mod
  88. Razer Blade Gaming Laptop Review
  89. 'New Super Mario Bros. 2' Coin Rush DLC Lands Oct. 4th!
  90. Pauly D, Vinny and Justin Bieber Run The Court In 'NBA 2K13'
  91. The Hostages are Hosed: Rockstar Announces 'Max Payne 3' Hostage Negotiation DLC
  92. 'XCOM: Enemy Uknown' Designer Jake Solomon Can't Get People To Buy the Game Early
  93. 'Silent Hill: Revelation 3D' TV Spot Reveals More Monsters and Footage
  94. Notch Shows Off Some Early Test Footage From '0x10^c'
  95. Mix Them Haloz, Son -- 'Halo 4' Remix Contest Starts Today
  96. 'Max Payne 3' Hostage Negotiation DLC Delayed!
  97. In 'Assassin's Creed III' DLC, It's Good to be King George Washington
  98. Epic Exit: Cliffy B. Leaves 'Gears' Studio
  99. Comb Your Hair as Guile's Theme Is Mashed with Gungnam Style
  100. 'Cave Story' (eShop) Review - Saving The Mimigas, Again
  101. Not Very 'Zaxxon'-y 'Zaxxon Escape' Live on iTunes and Android Store
  102. Nintendo Download Weekly Update 10.4.12
  103. Go Direct or Go Stealth In This New 'Dishonored' Interactive Trailer
  104. Interview: Composer Ryan Shore--From Sweet Sax to 'Spy Hunter'
  105. The Streets of Karachi Heat Up in 'Warfighter' Trailer
  106. Live-Action Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Film Will Zoom Onto MAGFest 2013 Screens
  107. Nintendo Reveals 17 Games Heading to The eShop This Holiday Season
  108. Interview: He's the Chief - 'Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn' Star Daniel Cudmore on Being a Spartan
  109. Stylish Puzzler 'The Unfinished Swan' Takes Flight on PSN October 23rd
  110. First 'Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn' Episode Goes Live
  111. Why Hothead Games Made The Jump From Consoles To Mobile Game Development
  112. Sony Announces Three Game 'Resistance Collection'
  113. 'Hotel Transylvania' Review - It's Where The Belmonts Summer
  114. Get All Your Punches in Now: Capcom Has No Fighting Games Planned for Rest of 2012
  115. The Collectors Return, Bring More Free 'Mass Effect 3' DLC
  116. Sad Stats: Telltale Breaks Down the Heart-Wrenching Decisions Among Players in Third 'Walking Dead' Episode
  117. Rovio Teases Star Wars Themed Angry Birds! [UPDATE]
  118. Free-to-Play 'Happy Wars' Crushes Xbox Live October 12th!
  119. Interview: Stewart Hendler Directs the Start of a War in 'Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn'
  120. Review: 'Resident Evil 6' - Someone Put a Bullet In This Series
  121. He-Man Headed To iOS In 'The Most Powerful Game in the Universe'
  122. 'Battlefield: Bad Company' Series Coming To A TV Near You?
  123. 'The Walking Dead' Episode 4 Out This Week, Gets Screens, WTF Player Reactions
  124. Ohio State University Marching Band Performs Video Game Tribute During Halftime!
  125. Ubisoft Confirms 'Rayman Legends' Wii U Delay
  126. Comic-Based 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' Getting... A Comic
  127. EA Unveils Mech-filled 'Crysis 3' Multiplayer
  128. New Game Releases For the Week of 10/9: Of Orcs, Aliens, Dishonor, Zombies, and Snorlaxes
  129. SEGA Classics 'Virtua Fighter 2,' 'Fighting Vipers' Headed to PSN and XBLA?
  130. Former 'Trials' Devs Introduce 'Badland' For iOS!
  131. Gaige the Mechromancer DLC hits Borderlands 2 Early, Available Now!
  132. Green Arrow Joins 'Injustice' Roster, Ed Boon To Announce Two More Tomorrow
  133. Blink And You'll Miss It Trailer Reveals 'Crazy Taxi' For iOS
  134. Square Enix Unearths Retailer-Specific 'Tomb Raider' Preorder Bonuses
  135. 'Dishonored' Review - Have It Your Way
  136. Miss 'Wing Commander?' Then Might I Submit 'Star Citizen' For Your Consideration...
  137. 'Call of Duty: Black Ops II' Pre-Orders Earn You Launch Weekend Double XP!
  138. David Fincher Produces 'Halo 4' Live-action Launch Trailer
  139. That Time Danica Patrick Drove a Transforming Hot Wheels Car While Racing Sonic and Friends
  140. 'Serious Sam: BFE' Dated For October 17th for XBLA
  141. 'Fable: The Journey' Review- Keep Beating That Horse
  142. Joker and Green Lantern Are The Latest 'Injustice' Combatants
  143. Nintendo Setting Up Tournaments and More At New York Comic Con!
  144. High Stakes Gaming: The 2012 National Senior League Wii Bowling Championship
  145. Buy 'Total Recall' on Blu-ray, Get the 'God of War: Ascension' Demo
  146. Review: 'XCOM: Enemy Uknown'
  147. 'New Little King's Story' Review - Heavy Is The Head That Wears the Crown
  148. Art Attack at "Art of the Assassin"
  149. 'Borderlands 2' Pirate DLC Confirmed For October
  150. Nintendo Download Weekly Update 10.11.12
  151. Ubisoft Bridges Last and Future 'Splinter Cell' Games With Upcoming Comic
  152. App of the Week: 'Super Bunny Breakout'
  153. Rockstar Announces Four-Game Collection, December 'GTA V' Game Informer Cover Story
  154. 'Forza Horizon' Review - The Open Road Is Your's For The Taking
  155. Dark Horse Reveals 'Mass Effect' Reaper Replica For June 2013
  156. 'Medal of Honor: Warfighter' Marketing Continues To Be Weird, Enlists Linkin Park
  157. Chillingo Will Not Escape References to Atari's Failed 'E.T.' Game With New 'E.T.' Game
  158. Weekend Discussion: Kill These Game Franchises (For A While, At Least)
  159. 'Mass Effect' Hero Blasto Blasts Off In One-Shot Comic
  160. Review: The Latest Episode Of 'The Walking Dead' Finds More Action, Less Emotion 'Around Every Corner'
  161. Comic Review: 'Assassin's Creed: The Chain' Nearly Connects
  162. 'Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate' Gets A Trailer
  163. Blizzard Almost Made 'Diablo' For GameBoy Advance
  164. NYCC 2012: Dark Horse Comics Unveils Comic Based on Naughty Dog's 'The Last of Us'
  165. NYCC 2012: Dig Deep Into the Secrets Of 'Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth'
  166. NYCC 2012: Dark Horse Unveils New 'Dragon Age' Comic Series and Encyclopedia
  167. 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2' DLC Season Pass Confrimed, Elite Goes Free
  168. NYCC 2012: 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' Preview - A Quiver Full Of Cats
  169. Just Relax With This Trailer For Shadegrown Games' 'Starbloom'
  170. NYCC 2012: Capcom Debuts A New 'DmC' Trailer
  171. NYCC 2012: 'Sleeping Dogs' Gets Spooky With Halloween DLC
  172. NYCC 2012: Udon Planning Fan-Sourced 'World of Warcraft' Art Book
  173. 'Spy Hunter' Review - High Stakes At High Speeds
  174. Nintendo Wii Gets A Price Drop Just In Time For Wii U
  175. Xbox Music Launches On Xbox 360 Tomorrow, Costs You More Money
  176. Review: 'One Piece: Pirate Warriors' - 'Dynasty Warriors' With Rubber Arms (PS3)
  177. SEGA Delays 'Jet Set Radio' For the Vita
  178. New Video Game Releases For the Week of 10/16: I Expect You To Play, Mr. Bond!
  179. 'Deadly Premonition' Getting A PS3-Exclusive Director's Cut
  180. Club Nintendo Offering 'Pilotwings' on Virtual Console For 100 Coins
  181. 'Halo 4' Multiplayer Will Ship On A Second Disc
  182. SNES-Inspired Wii U Pro Controller Shows Up At EB Games
  183. 'Sonic Jump' Makes The Leap to iOS On October 18th!
  184. Review: Looking At 'NiGHTS: Nights into Dreams...' In The Cold Light Of Day
  185. Team Ninja Releases Next Round Of 'Dead or Alive 5' Costume DLC
  186. '007 Legends' On PS3 Gets 'Skyfall' DLC Early, Exclusive Multiplayer Characters
  187. First-Person Horror Game 'Outlast' Looks Promising
  188. Mario, Zelda, and Link Joining 'Scribblenauts Unlimited'
  189. Criterion Promises Another 'Burnout' Game... Someday
  190. Watch A Video Walkthrough Of The New PlayStation Store, Launching October 23rd!
  191. DotEmu Offering Over 40 Sega Classics For $10 On PC
  192. Beware The Destroyer Of Heaven: SOTA Announces 'Street Fighter' Oni Statue
  193. App Of The Week: 'Pocket Climber'
  194. Nintendo Download Weekly Update 10.18.12
  195. Irrational Wants To Part You From Your $150 With Fancy 'Bioshock Infinite' Ultimate Songbird Edition
  196. Stan Lee Drops In On 'Verticus'
  197. PS3 Trophies May Reveal Next 'Borderlands 2' DLC, Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage
  198. 'Infinity Blade: Dungeons' Delayed To 2013, Epic Blames Their Stapler
  199. Ubisoft Reveals The Complete 'Marvel Avengers Battle For Earth' Character Lineup
  200. CD Projekt Provides More Details on Open World RPG 'Cyberpunk 2077'
  201. Could There Be 'Rival Schools' And 'Capcom vs. SNK' Remakes In Our Future?
  202. Finally! Platinum Games' 'Anarchy Reigns' Dated For the U.S. And Europe
  203. Nintendo Provides Details On Wii U Voice Chat, It's A Mess
  204. Facebook And Twitter Apps Pulled From Xbox 360, Microsoft Suggests Internet Explorer
  205. Telltale's 'The Walking Dead' Episode 3 Creeps Onto iOS
  206. Breaking Down The New 'Halo 4' Trailer
  207. 'Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn' Episode 3 Is Now Live
  208. 'Assassin's Creed' Movie One Step Closer To Reality With New Development Partner
  209. 'Darksiders' Co-Creator And Comic Artist Joe Madureira Exits Vigil
  210. First Wii U TV Commercial Shows Up In The UK!
  211. 'The Unfinished Swan' Review - Tabula Rasa
  212. Book Review: 'The Art of Journey' Shows The Path To Making A Beautiful Game
  213. 20 lbs. Of Death And His Bird - TriForce Announces 'Darksiders II' Statue
  214. PS3 Update Adds Vita Trophies, Ends Folding @Home Support
  215. Weapons Will Prestige in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops II'
  216. 'Borderlands Legends' Headed To iPhone and iPad This Month?
  217. 'The Walking Dead' Episode Five Out In December With Huge Retail Release
  218. Giant Sparrow's Creative Director Reveals The Secrets Behind The Splatter In 'The Unfinished Swan'
  219. Putting On My Warface
  220. Next For Team Meat: Mutant Kitties In 'Mew-Genics'
  221. BioWare Teases 'Dragon Age III' With Concept Art
  222. New Missions Coming To 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' As 2K Details Upcoming DLC
  223. With 25 Days To Go, One Man Is Already In Line For Wii U
  224. New Video Game Releases For The Week of 10/23: Unfinish This Warfight, You Street Fighting Racer
  225. Origin Account Required To Play EA Games on Wii U
  226. 'Awesomenauts' Developer Torrenting Demo For Cancelled Wii Title
  227. Connor Joins (And Battles) The Traitor Benedict Arnold In The PS3-Exclusive 'Assassin's Creed III' DLC
  228. 'Dokuro' Review - Off To Save Another Princess
  229. 'Halo 4' Getting Its Own Season Pass For DLC
  230. 'Resident Evil 6' Patch To Fix Camera, Unlock Fourth Campaign From The Start
  231. Fan-ssassination: Check This Fan-Made 'Assassin's Creed III' Movie
  232. Get To Saving America With This Interactive 'Assassin's Creed III' Trailer
  233. Hammer Away At The 'Abyssal Forge' With Next Week's 'Darksiders II' DLC
  234. Rockstar Releases First Official 'GTA V' Artwork
  235. GameStop Gets Exclusive '300' King Leonidas DLC For 'God of War: Ascension' Pre-Orders
  236. 'Medal of Honor: Warfighter' Review- Pull Left Trigger, Pull Right Trigger, Repeat
  237. Nintendo Download Weekly Update 10.25.12
  238. Interview: Composer Jack Wall On The Dirty And Clean Future Sounds Of 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops II'
  239. 'Pocket God' Pygmys Come To Life As Funko Vinyl Figures!
  240. Legendary Brings On A New Writer For 'Mass Effect' Movie
  241. First 'GameStop Kids' Store Opens Today, 80 Locations Incoming
  242. 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City' Rolls To iOS and Android This Fall
  243. An Invisible Elite Is A Deadly Elite In 'Forward Unto Dawn' Episode 4
  244. Join 'Earth Defense Force 2017' On The Vita In Winter 2012
  245. EXCLUSIVE: Check Out Some of the Concept Images From 'The Art of Assassin's Creed III'
  246. Review: 'He-Man - The Most Powerful Game in the Universe'
  247. App of the Week: 'Punch Quest'
  248. Interview: Executive Producer Josh Feldman Takes The Halo Universe 'Forward Unto Dawn'
  249. Guy Ritchie Directs This Live-Action 'Black Ops II' Trailer
  250. Kirby Gets Pink, Horrible, And Hungry In The Indie-Made 'Kirby's Dream House'