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  1. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps brand new Wager Match trailer now LIVE!! http://2020.vg/a2LWdZ #Wage
  2. JD_2020: ... Such as: http://2020.vg/bmCWsF - Or the Inside Xbox video on your dashboard r
  3. JD_2020: You want a 7 minute long video overview of #CODBlackOps Multiplayer? http://2020.
  4. JD_2020: It's a safe bet that #CODBlackOps will become the de facto multiplayer shooter of
  5. JD_2020: The view from the #CODBlackOps MP reveal play area earlier tonight... Such a grea
  6. JD_2020: So #CODBlackOps is the #1 Most Discussed topic on YouTube right now, globally. Th
  7. JD_2020: PC Admins can pre-order their #CODBlackOps #DedicatedServers right here: http://w
  8. JD_2020: We pushed a new #CODBlackOps website out last night at http://CallOfDuty.com/Blac
  9. JD_2020: @PlayboyBPAC Absolutely! You can play #CODBlackOps Combat Training cooperatively
  10. JD_2020: @SHS_EliteKnight No, XP is still in #CODBlackOps. COD Points simply complement th
  11. JD_2020: @ImOnTwittaYo Oh yes, there are Pro versions of #CODBlackOps Perks... But they re
  12. JD_2020: @Oblivion165 We will provide a fleet of Day-1 servers, but yes, GameServers.com i
  13. JD_2020: Yes, there will be a #CODBlackOps Prestige Hardened Edition un-boxing video... I
  14. JD_2020: The #CODBlackOps PC FAQ @PCDev and I have been working on has been posted: http:/
  15. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps - Available November 9th on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii...
  16. JD_2020: Gary Oldman returns to voice Reznov in #CODBlackOps, and Ed Harris will voice Jas
  17. JD_2020: In addition to Oldman Harris as voice talent, we worked with David S. Goyer (The
  18. JD_2020: @cod6tweets No, we are using a heavily enhanced #CoDWaW engine for #CODBlackOps.
  19. JD_2020: @RamonNavarro That's correct, in #CODBlackOps MP, Killstreaks do not earn you Kil
  20. JD_2020: The submitted form was invalid. Try submitting again. lt;--- We're working on tha
  21. JD_2020: @TimeForRecovery That would appear to be a typo - #CODBlackOps is releasing world
  22. JD_2020: The #CODBlackOps MP Teaser is the 5th Most Discussed video of All Time in the You
  23. JD_2020: Tired of Tac Insert boosters? Tac Insert campers? Read how our Design Director ad
  24. JD_2020: @SHS_EliteKnight Absolutely not, you can still Join Session In Progress in #CODBl
  25. JD_2020: @Just_Some_Dude There are over 40 unique weapons in #CODBlackOps MP =).
  26. JD_2020: What will you spend your COD Points on? Learn more about COD Points Wager Match:
  27. JD_2020: @dave_h12 Yes, we have the necessary tools in #CODBlackOps to moderate the leader
  28. JD_2020: @TheoryzatioN Yes, Theater mode will be in #CODBlackOps PC =).
  29. JD_2020: Good news #CODBlackOps PC fans: RT @GameServers_com Stay tuned for announcements
  30. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps #DidYouKnow: You can watch Theater Films Clips, in synchronization,
  31. JD_2020: Just played some #CODBlackOps DS... Addictive! @n_Space did great - All you mobil
  32. JD_2020: @MarijuanaBlunts Theater mode is on the PS3, 360, and PC for #CODBlackOps.
  33. JD_2020: If you just happen to be at the game store today... Here's a good reason to pre-o
  34. JD_2020: @DaveyGravyX07 Yes, the standard Challenge system is still very much so intact fo
  35. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps #DidYouKnow: Our Contracts are dynamic; We'll cycle Contracts in/out
  36. JD_2020: PC #CODBlackOps fans: Adelaide, Australia now has #DedicatedServers. Follow @Game
  37. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps #DidYouKnow There are pages of in-game stats via the Combat Record m
  38. JD_2020: Just rocked the Nordic GameStop managers show in Sweden; What a fantastic audienc
  39. JD_2020: Home sweet home! I hear #CODBlackOps is nearing completion... Can't wait to see h
  40. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps Combat Training overview: http://2020.vg/aLjdlU - @ reply people who
  41. JD_2020: If you're on Facebook... (Which, you are)... Then be sure to join the Worldwide #
  42. JD_2020: @Freakboy Well, I have to assume all followers of @JD_2020 are fans, tracking #CO
  43. JD_2020: @aRiflip I can't speak to APB's, but the #CODBlackOps Emblem Editor lets you scal
  44. JD_2020: @TristanYoshi #CODBlackOps will be rated 'M' for Mature.
  45. JD_2020: @JonnyNoPoopiez Earn more CP (play a ranked match online). You earn CP alongside
  46. JD_2020: @Leeejon21 Yes, Combat Training stats are completely separate from your online ac
  47. JD_2020: @Gamer1229 No, that means you've lost that investment. If you buy a Contract, you
  48. JD_2020: @MikeSalhany It was good.... But unfortunately one beats it. Send me your #CODBla
  49. JD_2020: We're up for two @GoldenJoysticks: Downloadable GOTY w/ iPhone ZOMBIES, and 1 to
  50. JD_2020: @R4ng3rZz Absolutely, #WagerMatch will be available on #CODBlackOps PC!
  51. JD_2020: Great submissions everyone! Just got done with a night of #CoDWaW #Zombies. Back
  52. JD_2020: Yes, in preparation for #CODBlackOps, #CoDWaW is available for download on Xbox L
  53. JD_2020: @SHS_EliteKnight Nice work! Keep these videos coming, especially come November wh
  54. JD_2020: @Broskees What do you mean exactly? They will be the 4 levels from #CoDWaW, runni
  55. JD_2020: Backstage at the @BestBuy Holiday Kickoff getting ready to take stage... #CODBlac
  56. JD_2020: Okay... Literally minutes out. #DJHeto2 is on stage now! #CODBlackOps stage right
  57. JD_2020: Okay it's official - #CODBlackOps to have more Zombies! Also, #DerRiese coming to
  58. JD_2020: I know there are lots of questions regarding #CODBlackOps Zombies. More details,
  59. JD_2020: @ShaGGy_Uk Well no, you'll get #CODBlackOps Zombies, but you have to buy the #Har
  60. JD_2020: @score38 #CoDWaW my favorite was CTF. #CODBlackOps, my favorite would be... Wager
  61. JD_2020: @zero86r Yes, Domination is in #CODBlackOps MP.
  62. JD_2020: CallOfDuty.com forums are back up... With a new #CODBlackOps Zombies forum to org
  63. JD_2020: Achievement Failed: "No Leaks" (50G) #CODBlackOps.....
  64. JD_2020: Achievement Unlocked: "Gamblin' Fool" (20G) #CODBlackOps
  65. JD_2020: The #CODBlackOps Achievements list is out there... Some minor spoilers contained
  66. JD_2020: @Patient_Zero Yes, Party Privacy and Search Preferences exist in #CODBlackOps MP.
  67. JD_2020: @JarHead1775 Of course, PC will have the same #CODBlackOps Zombies as the other p
  68. JD_2020: @CodCom Yes, #CODBlackOps will be a Steam title.
  69. JD_2020: My Zombies reveal Tweet should have read: "Yes, #CODBlackOps has Zombies. In othe
  70. JD_2020: Haha, this pretty much sums up the big #CODBlackOps Co-Op mystery: http://2020.vg
  71. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps has so much customization, we needed to make a trailer for it: http:
  72. JD_2020: An overview of all new features in #CODBlackOps MP (Theater, COD Points, Wager Ma
  73. JD_2020: I see #CantWait is a Trending Topic today. I want to hear from everybody who #Can
  74. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps in 3D you say? Read @Dtoid's impressions right here: http://2020.vg/
  75. JD_2020: @Thomas_Haile The Gunship in #CODBlackOps is a fully-controllable helicopter (fly
  76. JD_2020: I'm pretty sure @jriquelme voided his warranty, but so worth it! http://2020.vg/9
  77. JD_2020: You don't HAVE to play #CODBlackOps in Stereoscopic 3D - it's 100% optional. Have
  78. JD_2020: What setting changed itself in Facebook where I now get an e-mail for every comme
  79. JD_2020: If you happen to be near Times Square (*cough* New York Comic Con), you probably
  80. JD_2020: Be a part of @GameStop's Surprize Attack, win a #CODBlackOps Jeep! http://2020.vg
  81. JD_2020: Want to rock a badass #CODBlackOps hoodie? T-shirt? Free Prestige Edition? Read h
  82. JD_2020: New #CODBlackOps SP Campaign trailer premiers Monday night on ESPN, during the Vi
  83. JD_2020: New Bonus Round w/ @GeoffKeighley, we talk #CODBlackOps Behind-the-Scenes! http:/
  84. JD_2020: @aaronnielsen Yes it is, brand-new #CODBlackOps trailer hitting during the Jets-V
  85. JD_2020: @krazybakers Yes, the new #CODBlackOps trailer will be online right after it airs
  86. JD_2020: @Mj411400 No, Commando is not a Perk in #CODBlackOps. Neither is Juggernaut, Stop
  87. JD_2020: @XjackmoveX No sir, YOU are awesome! Now sell more #CODBlackOps Prestige Editions
  88. JD_2020: @kcwww Four. Five if you consider "Combat Training" a game mode (which, I do). #C
  89. JD_2020: The #CODBlackOps trailer that airs during the Vikings-Jets game on ESPN tonight w
  90. JD_2020: Next up for today, "The Making of a Prestige Edition" - The back-story on the #CO
  91. JD_2020: Hey #CODBlackOps fans, for your dedication, you get the new Singleplayer Trailer
  92. JD_2020: While we wait, #CODBlackOps on @G4TV tomorrow, look for us at 8am/ET and then on
  93. JD_2020: The new #CODBlackOps SP Trailer that aired on ESPN is now on YouTube, in case you
  94. JD_2020: [Video] Mark Lamia walks you through a new #CODBlackOps MP map @G4TV revealed, ca
  95. JD_2020: Check out the new #CODBlackOps "Soldiers Theme" on the XBL Marketplace: http://20
  96. JD_2020: Check out this exclusive interview with #CODBlackOps MP Design Director Extraordi
  97. JD_2020: Last night's episode of GameTrailers TV w/ #CODBlackOps is available online for y
  98. JD_2020: @djreidak There will be a Zombies in all version of #CODBlackOps, not just Specia
  99. JD_2020: @6endyer There is no concept of Juggernaut or Stopping Power in #CODBlackOps. The
  100. JD_2020: @WillHydeEast Host Migration is in #CODBlackOps.
  101. JD_2020: @Adrianiswhoiam No, one emblem at a time in #CODBlackOps.
  102. JD_2020: @C4RPETFRESH No, no, no, no, no - NO Stopping Power or Juggernaut in #CODBlackOps
  103. JD_2020: Achievement Unlocked: Blistery Fingers. Alright folks, #AskJD is retired for one
  104. JD_2020: We just wrapped up our last round of internal #CODBlackOps MP beta testing, and o
  105. JD_2020: Surprise ladies!! http://2020.vg/ch7iIv #CODBlackOps
  106. JD_2020: Zombies comes native with every copy of #CODBlackOps. Buy a collector's edition,
  107. JD_2020: This week's Inside Xbox has some behind-the-scenes on designing #CODBlackOps. Che
  108. JD_2020: PC Fans, the #CODBlackOps minspec can be found here: http://2020.vg/cbOsUH
  109. JD_2020: PC Fans, the Steam #CODBlackOps pre-purchase is now available: http://2020.vg/bF9
  110. JD_2020: We've got another exclusive #CODBlackOps interview up for COD HQ members - Hear a
  111. JD_2020: @iiTzMiKiE Yes, #CODBlackOps will have Host Migration.
  112. JD_2020: On a scale of 1 to 15, how excited are you to Prestige in #CODBlackOps MP? ;)
  113. JD_2020: Okay everyone, it's Halftime so... #AskJD will run until the game starts back up.
  114. JD_2020: @iAMaEzE No, but there are Pro Pipes in #CODBlackOps =).
  115. JD_2020: @Gornoxx Yes. Color Blind friendly nametags are supported in #CODBlackOps.
  116. JD_2020: @Rayomond 4-player, Offline split-screen will be supported in #CODBlackOps, as in
  117. JD_2020: @SoldierBoy321 No Stopping Power, No Juggernaut, No Deathstreaks in #CODBlackOps.
  118. JD_2020: @Blake_RFC_101 The Famas is full-auto in #CODBlackOps. And the Valkyrie has limit
  119. JD_2020: @legendary1994 Yes! Zombies return, in a big way in #CODBlackOps ;).
  120. JD_2020: @hastr0 I expect to see #CODBlackOps play on MLG!!! =D
  121. JD_2020: @SEC8Picasso Yes, that makes a return in #CODBlackOps.
  122. JD_2020: Your local game store sold out of #CODBlackOps Prestige Edition? @Kotaku's offeri
  123. JD_2020: Good luck tonight Kobe - I'm glad you rolled up in style... #CODBlackOps style! h
  124. JD_2020: Here's a shot of Kobe Bryant driving to the season opener in his 2011 #CODBlackOp
  125. JD_2020: RT @icecube: Check me out in Call of Duty: Black Ops. I'm Corporal Bowman. *Game
  126. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps Multiplayer Online Split-Screen say what? http://2020.vg/adfsjC
  127. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps Multiplayer Online Split-Screen & Custom Games Editor clarified: htt
  128. JD_2020: We've got one helluva #CODBlackOps Launch Trailer dropping Sunday night, during t
  129. JD_2020: Wii fans: Check out this exclusive interview with Sr. Producer, Anna Donlon. She
  130. JD_2020: The newest #CODBlackOps Launch Trailer is premiering tonight during the Steelers-
  131. JD_2020: This is going to be the best Halloween ever =). Football, #CODBlackOps, candy?? S
  132. JD_2020: We did it again - #CODBlackOps Launch Trailer is LIVE: http://2020.vg/duhf8G (Wil
  133. JD_2020: Just saw the #CODBlackOps Launch Trailer on TV - if you missed it, watch it right
  134. JD_2020: You want 1 Hour of #CODBlackOps MP? http://2020.vg/cmxXNC - And yes, that's a #Fu
  135. JD_2020: Just tried out the official Rcon tool we'll be shipping with the PC version of #C
  136. JD_2020: Not sure where the closest midnight release of #CODBlackOps is in your area? Prob
  137. JD_2020: Gearing up for one crazy #CODBlackOps Launch Party here in LA... #IsThisRealLife?
  138. JD_2020: Oh man, @OneOfSwords has a pretty slick article on the #CODBlackOps Gunnar Gaming
  139. JD_2020: The 2011 Jeep Wrangler #CODBlackOps edition gives a whole new meaning to "company
  140. JD_2020: Coast Guard wins!!! #CODBlackOps
  141. JD_2020: All 6 branches of the US military to compete for ultimate #CODBlackOps bragging r
  142. JD_2020: First, Bobby Kotick pledges $1 Million from #CODBlackOps pre-sales to the 6 branc
  143. JD_2020: Metallica about to take the #CODBlackOps stage say what?? http://twitpic.com/33z
  144. JD_2020: Cheers to @hastr0 and @fwiz for commentating the #CODBlackOps launch party last n
  145. JD_2020: Join the LIVE stream of the UK #CODBlackOps Launch on November 8th at 8pm GMT: ht
  146. JD_2020: For anybody in the LA area going to midnight #CODBlackOps releases, you may be in
  147. JD_2020: Can you feel the excitement building? #CODBlackOps
  148. JD_2020: Our fleet of official Treyarch #CODBlackOps PC #DedicatedServers are coming onlin
  149. JD_2020: On the eve of #CODBlackOps, @myoelectric_net and @pandaontherun say goodbye to #C
  150. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps already trending on Twitter. Let's keep this discussion up people!
  151. JD_2020: Rockenfeld of Queensryche laid down drums for #CODBlackOps songs two of which are
  152. JD_2020: At the Best Buy in West LA - 11301 W Pico Blvd (Pico and Sawtelle) with @OneOfSwo
  153. JD_2020: Heading to 1015 N La Brea (Best Buy) in Hollywood - be there for free #CODBlackOp
  154. JD_2020: James C. Burns, voice of Woods and the Treyarch team signing at the midnight #COD
  155. JD_2020: Am I getting solid intel? Is there really almost 1,000,000 players on Xbox LIVE r
  156. JD_2020: Check out how staggeringly #CODBlackOps performed on Twitter! Source: http://2020
  157. JD_2020: Check out @1Up's #CODBlackOps MP Survival Guide! http://2020.vg/9cTgVE
  158. JD_2020: Look who's ranked 25th in the world on "Five" in #CODBlackOps Zombies =) (High Sc
  159. JD_2020: Thinking of trying this GeoSwag thing out - Hiding #CODBlackOps goodies around LA and giving out hints / coordinates to locate it... Y/N?
  160. JD_2020: COD HQ Exclusive Interview with Jimmy Zielinski: http://2020.vg/buFKfS - Jimmy talks #CODBlackOps Zombies!
  161. JD_2020: Luckiest #CODBlackOps kill I've seen so far! http://2020.vg/aJe5wE - All made possible with COD Theater =).
  162. JD_2020: RT @Joey_Face: I drew a cartoon of Josh Olin @JD_2020 from @treyarch, in honor of #CODBlackOps. VIDEO: http://t.co/vMTwD8W PIC: http://t ...
  163. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps PC Update is live on Steam. PC fans, thanks for your support. More on the way: http://2020.vg/c6eMVB
  164. JD_2020: The #CODBlackOps Forums are back online! http://2020.vg/ahSVyp - Check back frequently for updates (Sticky posts).
  165. JD_2020: Dropping by the @Machinina_com HQ for the 24/7 #CODBlackOps Race to Prestige 15: http://bit.ly/MachStream
  166. JD_2020: *SPOILER* Don't click if you haven't played "Five" on #CODBlackOps. http://2020.vg/9xtcaM "... Why does that not sound like dogs?" - Hahaha!
  167. JD_2020: Remember to check your respective platform's sub-forum for regular #CODBlackOps updates: http://2020.vg/ahSVyp
  168. JD_2020: Xbox 360 and PS3 #CODBlackOps Updates are LIVE. Be sure to check your platform's respective Sticky post on the forums: http://2020.vg/ahSVyp
  169. JD_2020: Big week for Call of Duty: http://2020.vg/csfaNi - And we owe it all to you, the best fans on Earth! #CODBlackOps #MW2
  170. JD_2020: Load MP by Default: You skip the #CODBlackOps main menu and go straight to MP; Saves time. Enable in MP Options http://twitpic.com/383dw6
  171. JD_2020: Here's a #CODBlackOps feature I bet you didn't know about - Load MP by Default! (In the MP Options menu) http://twitpic.com/383dw6
  172. JD_2020: Hardcore HQ and Hardcore CTF just added to #CODBlackOps! May have to back out to menu to get the updated list.
  173. JD_2020: This is one example of why we absolutely NEEDED to ship a feature like Theater with #CODBlackOps! http://2020.vg/hhxWX2
  174. JD_2020: Okay, this one takes the cake. Best (luckiest) #CODBlackOps Tomahawk kill I've seen, period. http://2020.vg/dTcdVv
  175. JD_2020: Read the #CODBlackOps Security & Enforcement Policy: http://2020.vg/id4z2v - Were working to protect our online community!
  176. JD_2020: Check out our officially licensed #CODBlackOps custom phone covers here: http://www.coveroo.com/callofduty - Thanks @coveroo!
  177. JD_2020: Fine... Hit a Valkyrie rocket with an RPG (in a legit Player Match, can't be setup - I'll know!). Ready go! #CODBlackOps
  178. JD_2020: New Challenge: Be the first to shoot a Spy Plane down with an RPG! Has to be in Player Match, w/ Theater proof. #CODBlackOps
  179. JD_2020: Another day, another ridiculous #CODBlackOps Tomahawk kill! http://2020.vg/hdwdM3 - Don't forget that Valkyrie-RPG challenge!
  180. JD_2020: Just got my pair of #CODBlackOps GUNNAR gaming glasses =). Get yours: http://2020.vg/hu5FPG Pic: http://twitpic.com/3bzia5
  181. JD_2020: @FidgetFD I'm convinced you have enough COD gear... But some #CODBlackOps Aviators sure would complete the look ;-).
  182. JD_2020: I just voted for #CODBlackOps as my #IGAs Game of the Year! Vote for your favorite now!http://bit.ly/IGAs10
  183. JD_2020: #IGAs Gamers' Choice Awards are now accepting votes; Im casting my vote for #CODBlackOps! Cast yours here: http://2020.vg/fIMHKe
  184. JD_2020: Congrats to @SeaNanners and the rest of the @Machinima_com crew for completing their 24/7 #CODBlackOps marathon to Prestige 15!
  185. JD_2020: Okay this is impressive, but it's no RPG-Valkyrie! http://2020.vg/hK2XDh - Still looking for the RPG impact ;-). #CODBlackOps
  186. JD_2020: Own a piece of #CODBlackOps lore: Bid on @Machinima_com's #FifteenPrestige console. http://2020.vg/hMvbTE - All proceeds go to @CPCharity!
  187. JD_2020: @Harin414 Bummer... Sorry to hear that! I'm told #CODBlackOps works wonders on these kinds of things ;-).
  188. JD_2020: Alright this is pretty cool, but not quite as crazy as hitting a Valkyrie with an RPG: http://2020.vg/e4hAbF - #CODBlackOps
  189. JD_2020: Want to win one of these? Here's how: from an iPhone app, @ reply me and @coveroo with #CODBlackOps http://twitpic.com/3equ0k
  190. JD_2020: Who thinks I should challenge @Machinima_com to a @Treyarch #CODBlackOps grudge match on their live stream? Http://ustream.tv/machinima
  191. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps win Multiplayer Game of the Year! #IGAs
  192. JD_2020: The @Spike_TV #VGAs begin in 10 minutes... 5pm PST - @Treyarch is here reppin' #CODBlackOps - be sure to tune in!
  193. JD_2020: OMG.... Woods just won Character of the Year!! #CODBlackOps #VGAs
  194. JD_2020: Thank you #CODBlackOps fans for the Best Shooter #VGA - It's truly an honor to have some of the best fans on Earth! [email protected]
  195. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps wins Best Shooter!!!!! #VGAs
  196. JD_2020: Best Shooter, Best Character, Best Controls, Multiplayer GOTY... Thank you fans, @Spike_TV, and @Machinima_com! #CODBlackOps #VGAs #IGAs
  197. JD_2020: Ever wonder what #CODBlackOps might be like with LEGOs? http://2020.vg/dP6vqQ
  198. JD_2020: New #CODBlackOps Killstreak idea: The Nagging Girlfriend / Wife - Renders your enemies idle for 30 seconds... #AmIRight?
  199. JD_2020: This just in: #CODBlackOps PS3 Patch 1.04 goes live at 2:00AM PST.
  200. JD_2020: Last I heard, the next #CODBlackOps PC patch is targeting for release this week. PS3 & 360 Updates are now LIVE. More details tomorrow.
  201. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps Xbox 360 TU4 is also going live tonight around 2AM PST. On both platforms, you may have to give it time to propagate.
  202. JD_2020: There were some new features introduced in today's 360 & PS3 #CODBlackOps updates. Read about them here: http://2020.vg/fxR8sn
  203. JD_2020: Sgt. Woods won Character of the Year at the 2010 #VGAs. This is what he brought to #CODBlackOps: http://2020.vg/htYA5s - Thanks Voters!
  204. JD_2020: PC fans, Alienware and Nvidia are running a #CODBlackOps tournament. If interested, click here: http://2020.vg/hWp1Cr
  205. JD_2020: Fan of the #CODBlackOps Theater? Make your clips more professional with the Dolly Cam! http://2020.vg/fV2vtR
  206. JD_2020: RT @majornelson: You'll hear @danskdansk give up details on the new #CODBlackOps downloadable content http://mjr.mn/i6hW2u (2/2)
  207. JD_2020: @Prime_y0 Killstreaks are already stackable in #CODBlackOps in all playlists (except certain Barebones).
  208. JD_2020: In case you missed @MajorNelson's podcast, the first #CODBlackOps DLC has been revealed - #FirstStrike - http://2020.vg/hOpjNk
  209. JD_2020: @heycheri You should join me in some #CODBlackOps ownage! =)
  210. JD_2020: Good news PC community - #CODBlackOps Mod Tools are in development. More info to come in the future, stay tuned!
  211. JD_2020: Do fitted #CODBlackOps caps make good Christmas presents? Did the little piggy cry 'wee-wee-wee' all the way home? http://2020.vg/h8cHGB
  212. JD_2020: RT @BubbaBeret: @JD_2020 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHKDhkATY78 Game winning kill cam with trapped care package. #codblackops
  213. JD_2020: Moments like these I am grateful for Dive to Prone, Theater, and the new Dolly Cam in #CODBlackOps! http://2020.vg/eVhuRK
  214. JD_2020: Heading to the Santa Monica pier. Next #CODBlackOps gift will be somewhere down there - details to come!
  215. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps gift #2 (Black Ops limited edition tee) is in the Men's room at Barney's Beanery on the Santa Monica 3rd street Promenade. Go!
  216. JD_2020: Los Angeles followers, I'll be down on the Santa Monica Promenade in a bit hiding #CODBlackOps Christmas swag ;). Stay tuned for hints!
  217. JD_2020: Congrats to those who found the #CODBlackOps swag. To anybody waking up to #BlackOps in the morning, and everyone else - Merry Christmas!
  218. JD_2020: Hey, even the #CODBlackOps Christmas Noobs have advocates too =) - http://2020.vg/gST95d (I like this one better).
  219. JD_2020: Someone should parody the concept of a "#CODBlackOps Christmas n00b" - I think we all know what I'm referring to =).
  220. JD_2020: To those unable to connect to #CODBlackOps, the issue has been resolved. It appears the Christmas rush had broke the tubes!
  221. JD_2020: @heycheri Consider it official :). #WeNeed #CODBlackOps #Cheerleaders
  222. JD_2020: This #CODBlackOps rap is legit: http://2020.vg/hZHfVN - Great work @iPlayCOD and Dirty Jerkins!
  223. JD_2020: So what would your #CODBlackOps-themed New Year's Resolutions be? Mine is to buy more Contracts!
  224. JD_2020: The movement speed decrease on #CODBlackOps 360 & PS3 was unintentional, now fixed. Restart your games and all will be normal.
  225. JD_2020: There appears to be a slight problem with the latest hotfix. Working on it now. #CODBlackOps
  226. JD_2020: For some people, going 22-1 is impossible... PS3 #CODBlackOps player @gage047 does it in 60 seconds! http://2020.vg/gytqDb
  227. JD_2020: She'd be the perfect date! RT @FragDolls Fidget invites you to watch her 24 hour straight gaming spree on #CODBlackOps: http://ubi.li/Hqmb6
  228. JD_2020: Just wrapped a really unique remote interview for #CODBlackOps #FirstStrike with @TreitAndTrue - http://twitpic.com/3nwe9r
  229. JD_2020: Rolling with a new #CODBlackOps emblem in honor of my late Xbox 360 Elite ;). http://twitpic.com/3oe5bf
  230. JD_2020: Alright let's hear your awesome cool ideas for fun new #CODBlackOps Wager Matches... In 140 characters or less!
  231. JD_2020: He makes it look so easy: http://2020.vg/f0Hk6B - Now let's see him do that with #CODBlackOps... ;)
  232. JD_2020: 40 Stabs in #CODBlackOps #GunGame on @FidgetFD @Elder_Geezer @NuckFuggets @HeadshotChik45 @cimental ;-). GG all! http://twitpic.com/3q5h9r
  233. JD_2020: Be the first to preview the #CODBlackOps #FirstStrike Multiplayer maps! http://2020.vg/e5TQOk
  234. JD_2020: While Zombies Ascension remains classified at this time, start by previewing the #CODBlackOps #FirstStrike MP maps: http://2020.vg/e5TQOk
  235. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps PC Patch 1.05 now going LIVE - It may take time to propagate to your Steam client. All servers will be restarted.
  236. JD_2020: Want to see what a #CODBlackOps Aurora Borealis looks like? Screen from #FirstStrike map: Discovery - http://twitpic.com/3t34po
  237. JD_2020: Here's a sneak-peak at Stadium, 1 of 4 new MP maps in our first #CODBlackOps DLC pack - #FirstStrike: http://2020.vg/fT0EIo
  238. JD_2020: It may take time for PS3 #CODBlackOps 1.06 to propagate in your country / region. But it's coming.
  239. JD_2020: #PS3 Patch 1.06 for #CODBlackOps has just gone LIVE. Check the forums for what's changed, and let us know what you think!
  240. JD_2020: The #CODBlackOps Zombies Soundtrack is now available on iTunes! http://2020.vg/e6efrr - Which track is your favorite?
  241. JD_2020: Looks like the Official #CODBlackOps #FirstStrike Trailer has a glimpse at Ascension for you all ;-) http://2020.vg/hXTFWx
  242. JD_2020: A new #CODBlackOps Wii patch is now going LIVE. Check the official CallOfDuty.com Wii forum Sticky posts for patch details.
  243. JD_2020: Today: #CODBlackOps Zombies Soundtrack http://2020.vg/e6efrr | #FirstStrike Trailer http://2020.vg/hXTFWx | PS3 Wii & PC patches.. Tomorrow?
  244. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps PC patch 1.051 addresses some isolated Singleplayer audio "stuttering" - is live now. I told you today would be busy!
  245. JD_2020: #CODBlackOps 1.06 Title Update is now LIVE on Xbox 360. Check the official forum Sticky for patch notes.
  246. JD_2020: Also don't forget to tune into @GTTVshow tonight for some more footage of #CODBlackOps #FirstStrike!
  247. JD_2020: To the 5,000,000+ #CODBlackOps Facebook fans: http://2020.vg/ebqvuX - our sincerest THANK YOU, from everyone @Treyarch!
  248. JD_2020: Free Xbox LIVE Gold Unlock Weekend starts tomorrow! To all you Silvers out there, be sure to try out #CODBlackOps Online.
  249. JD_2020: The first ever #CODBlackOps Double-XP Weekend will be Feb. 4th - 6th on all platforms. #FirstStrike available Feb. 1 on #360.
  250. JD_2020: You want #CODBlackOps Double-XP? Listen to @MajorNelson's latest podcast to find out when, & more: http://2020.vg/gdex5H