A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded. Changes since the last major release include the following:


  • Fixed a rare crash during login for some users
  • Improved performance of local file validation, particularly for traditional (non-SSD) drives
  • Improved error text when trying to install games to an alternate library location on an incompatible filesystemFixed some incorrect UI elements when viewing episodic video content or special features

In-Home Streaming

  • Improved AMD hardware encoding performance for GPU intensive games
  • Fixed bitrate issue when using AMD hardware encodingFixed black screen issue when streaming Duelyst and They Bleed Pixels

Steam Controller

  • Added Radial Menu Mode for touchpads and joysticks which allows up to 20 menu slots plus center and click bindings.
  • Added configuration for Steam Big Picture UI. Like other configurations, this can be saved and shared with the community.
  • Added configuration for Steam-button chording. These bindings are activated by holding the Steam Button in combination with other input, and are globally available on the desktop, in the Steam UI, or in games.
  • Added new bindable actions for Steam Music, screen magnification, and power options
  • Added more than 200 new icons for use in Touch and Radial menus
  • Added "Always Send" input style to Radial Menu and Touch Menu, which outputs the selected item immediately upon highlighting. This can be used to navigate lists or even bind 8-way movement.
  • Fixed bugs related to updating native configuration support in existing games
  • Fixed crashes and configuration errors reported by users
  • Fixed cases where bad wireless connections could cause controllers to appear unregisteredFixed several reported issues with the On Screen Keyboard