An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed issues where the download rate could display an unreasonably large number
  • Fixed missing Workshop content when a game is uninstalled and then reinstalled
  • Fixed a rare crash when resizing windows
  • Fixed several issues with line-wrapping inside of text entry boxesAdded a short idle-timer to the Client Update dialog box so that future updates will not pop up while you are in the middle of typing

In-Game Overlay
  • Fixed performance issues with when running Vulkan applications on AMD hardwareFixed a crash/reset when attempting to select a local file for upload to a web page

Big Picture
  • Fixed unexpected navigation caused by throttle-like joystick inputs that are not centered at zeroRemoved an erroneous prompt to opt into the client Beta under some circumstances

Mac OS X
  • Improved UI responsiveness when typing text in large chat windowsFixed a bug where the In-Game Overlay could be the wrong size in Retina-aware games

Linux / SteamOS
  • Fixed a case where the incorrect cursor could be displayed after hiding the In-Game OverlayFixed client not being able to launch if the Steam Runtime was disabled by the user

Steam Controller
  • Improved responsiveness when saving new controller configurations, especially for newly-released games
  • Fixed a possible crash when streaming to the Steam LinkFixed several issues related to DOOM (2016), including Steam Link compatibility

Steam VR
  • Added initial support for viewing stereo screenshots in VR
  • Added warning messages when launching VR games with incompatible headsets
  • Added a per-game setting that allows non-Steam games to show in the VR library
  • Fixed an issue causing the foreground application to quit when the Desktop tab is selected in the VR dashboard.Fixed the "Use Desktop Game Theater" setting not working for non-Steam games

In-Home Streaming
  • Fixed a common cause of Steam crashing on the host computer while streamingImproved performance and reduced latency when streaming Vulkan applications