An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Added Steam Overlay support for games using the Vulkan graphics API
  • Improved performance when you are a member of a large number of groups
  • Fixed a bug preventing invites to Steam Groups from showing in the friends UI
  • Fixed a bug which caused non-Steam games to remain in the app list after deletion
  • Fixed a bug which caused "Hidden" status of non-Steam games to reset on every client restart
  • Improved handling and display of certain Unicode characters in profile names
  • Fixed an issue with some Steamworks-enabled games which caused them to crash on shutdownAdded an option to display download speeds as bits per second (Mbps) instead of MB/sec, for easier comparison with the way network and internet connection speeds are traditionally reported

  • Removed an error message when selecting a shortcut file through the "Add a game..." file browser
  • Added Steam Overlay support for DirectX 12 (requires the latest Windows 10 updates)
  • Reduced CPU usage and improved frame rates for some D3D9 and OpenGL games launched through SteamFixed several game-specific crashes, or cases where games refused to launch through Steam

  • Fixed an issue where toggling the overlay in fullscreen games could sometimes result in a loss of keyboard and mouse input
    Updated ALSA libraries in the Steam Runtime to prevent compatibility issues with newer distributionsFixed text corruption in the UI with some non-Western languages

Big Picture
  • Added drag scrolling. Hold the mouse down on a scrollable panel and drag it up and down to scroll.
  • Restyled mouse scroll thumbs to indicate whether content is available in the given direction
  • Added Store Page link to game library entries in the "Manage Game" section
  • Fixed Web Browser context menu not positioned correctly on certain screen sizesFixed an issue where the overlay would become unresponsive if restarting a game directly after exiting it through the overlay

In-Home Streaming
  • Added dynamic MTU discovery to compute the optimal packet size for your local network
  • Added streaming server support for a network performance test from the Steam Link
  • Improved frame rate for AMD hardware-accelerated video capture of GPU-intensive games
  • Added support for hardware accelerated encoding using NVIDIA cards (NVENC) on SteamOS/LinuxFixed black screen when streaming certain D3D 11.1 applications, such as Kodi

  • Enabled scrolling in the Steam dashboard with either the Vive controller touch pad or the mouse pointer
  • Updated the friends UI to indicate a different online status while you are in VR
  • Added a help dialog in case Steam detects a HTC Vive that is present but not installed properly
  • Added an "Exit Game" alternate state for the "Play Game" button when viewing a library page in VR
  • Fixed the incorrect button footer being displayed in Steam UI when using a traditional game controller
  • Improved touchpad feedback on the VR controller when using large swipes in the Steam dashboard
  • Improved the library view to show all installed OpenVR applications, even non-Steam applications
  • Disabled the Big Picture startup sound when entering SteamVRAdded a warning message if the current controller or play area does not match the game requirements

Steam Controller
  • Added option to use Desktop Configuration for shortcuts to improve compatibility with intermediate launcher apps
  • Added a menu item to edit controller configuration from the desktop-mode library context menu
  • Added an option for Big Picture overlay when launching controller-based games from the desktop library view
  • Games launched via the desktop client with an active Steam Controller can optionally use the Big Picture overlay.
  • Improved reliability and performance of editing and publishing controller configurations
  • Added the ability to save controller configurations to local disk files
  • Added new auto-power-off options for 5 and 10 minutes
  • Improved XInput compatibility for some games (Final Fantasy 14)
  • Fixed Joystick Camera not sending Pad Click if you started pressing at the edge of the pad
  • Fixed mouse horizontal inversion not respecting rotation properly
  • Improved controller behavior when entering and exiting Standby or Suspend. Zombie controllers should no longer be shown in the controller list and controllers should be properly recognized upon return
  • Improved handling of pure Mouse/Keyboard and mixed XInput configurations
  • Added the ability to use other controllers alongside Steam Controllers. Games with XInput support will use whichever controller is active, other games will prefer alternate controllers when present.
  • Fixed action set selection UI with native games with large number of action sets
  • Fixed an issue where configuration changes would not stick with non-Steam shortcuts
  • Added support for the on-screen keyboard without entering Big Picture mode
  • Improved stability and window placement of desktop on-screen keyboard
  • Reduced size of desktop on-screen keyboard
  • Fixed haptics intensity being stuck to High if anti-deadzone was in use
  • Setting any anti-deadzone on the joystick will now disable all joystick hardware deadzoning. Note that this can cause drift if the anti-deadzone is too large or if not using a proper anti-deadzone buffer. (Requires Firmware Update)
  • Experimental Rumble Emulation is now available as an Application Setting. This feature tries to emulate a feel similar to rumble despite haptic actuators being a very different technology than rumble motors. (Requires Firmware Update)
  • Fixed occasional doubled input in Big Picture when initially powering on the controller
    Added the ability to disable the X or Y axis for Joystick Move modes. This can be useful when using the Gyro to emulate a steering wheelFixed description text for the joystick output fields of the Joystick Move and Joystick Camera modes